Tectonics URLs: (helpful for assembling Summative Tests)
(old Rock ID URLs)(old Mineral ID URLs)


(plate boundry media)

HHMI EarthViewer & App / Google Chrome Plug-In

DinosaurPictures.Org InterActive Ancient Earth Map with Searchable Address

EarthBytes (MultiMedia) (GPlates)

Geologic Timeline

TerraGalleria - natural history and sociology

Plate Tectonics Test

Berkeley Tectonics URLs


Visable Geology interactive PaleoMaps

Visable Paleo-Earth - Arecibo

UC Berkeley's PaleoMaps

globalgeology.com KMZ/KML paleomaps past & future

Lehigh University Tectonics Learning Units & Resoures

USGS / NPS Tectonics Animations

VolcanoWorld - Plate Tectonics

EarthScope GPS Plate Motion

USGS Dynamic Planet OnLine Tectonics GIS = BEST

Wiki Tectonics - nice deep background & map details

IRIS EarthQuake GIS

NASA JPL GPS GIS time studies of plate motion (2)

USGS KML Files (2)

GoogleEarth KMZ Layer File for Tectonic Plates USGS

GoogleEarth for Educators

CE3 Curricula (CE3Teacher)

Lehigh Univ. Tectonics Curricula (good GIS)

Annenberg Dynamic Boundry Map (scroll down)

USGS Plate Motion Detail Map

USGS This Dynamic Earth Tutorials

ALL USGS media

USGS "The Living Rock" 60min vid

USGS ALL education

USGS-ALL education links

ONLY USGS education links


Lehigh University Web GIS

A Tapestry of Time and Terrain - USGS I-2720

NBC-GeoBio TimeLine Tectonics

Wegener ref1 & ref2

Radioisotope Dating & ref2 & ref3

Indiana University ENSI

Geology OnLine Radioactive Decay Dating

Science Channel "Faces of Earth" (amazon)(2)

HHMI Wegner Drift video (local)

CER notes (2)


nice image summary examples:

convection (c2) (c3) (c3) (c4) --> tectonics -->Earth's surface features

cause --> effects

EPOD = Grand Tetons = GV = SatV / San Andreas (2) - Anatolia - / Kilauea / Iceland MAR

Iceland MAR RPV Bardarbunga video (local) (Wired article) (interview) / (RT) (raw vid) - WHOI-HTV (local)

- Tectonics URLs - USGS SuperVolcanoe FAQ

GeoBioChemical Evolution

NPR - Krulwich - "My 2nd Grandson the Rock" (local transcript)

SciAM - Evolution of Minerals - Hazen (Life's Rocky Start - mp4) (abstract)

Hazen - Carnegie


google images

NBC-GeoBio TimeLine Tectonics

Ages Spiral Clock TimeLine


Seafloor Tectonics

(Ocean Observatories Initiative Data Portal) (NEPTUNE) (Education Portal) (Live HD -14min@1,4,7,10 am/pm) (SeattleTimes)
(UW-OOINews Releases) (UW-OOI-Features) (Endurance Node)

ESRI-EMU-Edu = Ecological Marine Units Education Resources - 3D Ocean Data Home - Web Based Explorer

USGS KMZ Ocean Floor Age



JOIDES Resolution / ODP / JOIDES (2) JOIDES Resolution EdWeb

Chikyu (2)


Marianas Trench (2) (3)

new mantle drill proposal

project MoHole

Icelandic magma

Earth Cross Sections


Earth XC montage

- U. of CO GeoPhysics

Human Scale Model Earth Walk Through Model

- Enchanted Learning

- EE-71-79 = 2.4 - "What do Scientists Know About the Earth's Interior"? = (collected meaning class notes-1)

- UAF GeoPhysInst-Temps& Composition

- EE-80-82 = Density Lab (More to Learn)

- USGS General Background

- EE-83-85-LS2.5 = Modeling Earth's Structure

- Wiki Earth

- World Nuclear Organization - core Uranium

GSA - Canada Lithosphere Transect - eh? (& last page banded iron formation . . . Gneisss;>)

EQ OnLine Demos

PBS Savage EQ Fault / Seismic Wave Motion, & Tsunami Animations -( some java . . . )

McDougal-Littell - all


KYU flash all

Purdue - P+S+L+R HTML

IRIS seismic waves

WWU seismic waves

UP-Seis Seismic Wave GIFs

San Diego U ROHAN seismic waves

wave tank animations

Norton eBook EQ Animations

Plummer, McGeary, & Carlson "Physical Geology" Plate Boundary Animations

Geology OnLine Virtual EQ Lab

NSF - TERC Earth Science Animations

McDougal-Littell "Exploring Earth" Visualizations

USGS EQ Ground Motion Sims

USGS EQ Animations

NOAA Fault Images

Magnitude vs Intensity & 2

Seismic Waves

Straits of Hormuz Sincline & Anticline

Seismo-Richter-Mercalli Graphics

Forces of Nature (erosion / volcanism)

EQ eLabs

(USGS This Dynamic Planet Interactive Web GIS)

(USGS EarthQuake Interactive Web GIS Now to Last 30 Days)

(USGS Top 10 EarthQuake Lists & Maps)



(USGS Global Seismicity 1900-2010 PDF Maps)

(USGS EarthQuake Info by Region)

(USGS US Seismicity PDF Map)

(USGS EarthQuake Home Page)

i2e2 LIGO eLab portal

VISD (VVHS) 4 Component Stong Motion Short Period Seismometer (2) (3)

QCN Seismic Network (Stanford USB kits)

USGS 7 day S +2.5 Seismicity Map

USGS GoogleEarth KML EQ files

DELESE EQ Teaching Boxes

DLESE Living in EarthQuake Country

Rapid earthQuake Viewer (REV)

IRIS Rapid Eq Viewer (IRIS) (Resources) (Animations) (Apps) (Recent Event Lessons)

k12Science.org - "Musical" Plates

New Madrid GIS

ESRI's Bicentenial Madrid Histrories (WebGIS)

Fracking EQs

USGS FAQ re: EQs Induced by Fuid Injection

FracFocus.Org via Groundwater Protection Council

DesmoBlog.Com - Fracking WasteWater Disposal Debate

NRDC - Fracking Environmental Hazards

EPA Fracking page

USGS Energy Resources Program - Fracking page


PBS Past & Future Tsunami Event Map

Tsunami URLs

Vashon Tsunami Simulation

USGS OK EQ record in 2014 ~ CA x2

Siesmic Tomography

EarthScope FAQ & Images

IRIS FAQ & Images

IRIS Animations

Discover Mag Seismic Tomography



Seismic Tomography Java

abstract (front page)


U235 Fission rxn

Trinity = 20KT

Bikini X-roads 23KT H20

Tsar = 57MT

DoD-DoE program film

Moon Origin

moon origin(UA-LPI-Jay Melosh)

Wikki moon origin

Bill Hartman / Planetary Science Institute moon origin

Robin Canup SciAm 2012 Revision (local pdf) (AAAS)

Hartman YouTube moon origins & Cannup YouTube moon origins

PBS / NOVA moon origins

Planetary Sciences Research Developments-Jeff Taylor moon origin

"If We Had No Moon" Discovery Channel DVD (51min)- Bill Hartmann, Robin Canup, Jay Melosh - Tectonics, Climate Stabilzation, Lunar Prospector / Interplanetary Travel (see links at end of Rock Project also)

Earth & ExtraTerrestrial Materials Petragaphy

OnLine Virtual Petragraphy // (local linked PDF)

NASA Lunar & Meteorite Lucite Disks


USGS Volcano Types

USGS Cascadia Observatory Volcano Types

Igneous Land Forms

Mt. Rainier Evacuation Plan

Mt.St. Helens Footage

Yellowstone GIS

Discovery Channel's 6 Supervolcanoes (?) VEI8 (1,000kM^3 ejecta) (2) (3)

Discovery Channel
Supervolcano (110 min=1hr50min)

Toba SuperVolcano (Graham:>)

Tambora climate & culrural impacts

APOD = volcanic lightning:>

CSAV volcanic lightning / tornado movie

ALPE = Alien Landscapes on Planet Earth

Surface Water

USGS Water Cycle

Channeled Scablands - Lake Missoula


NOAA Ocean Explorer

Plastic Beach


GeoMapApp.org  ***  lessons  ***  all platforms - might replace MyWorld

USGS Topo Maps in GoogleEarth

Sally Ride Science ISS EarthKAM (PD presentations)

My NASA Data

WA geology locations

GoogleEarth (turotial)

GoogleEarth in Maps

NASA WorldWind Java SDK (features) (wiki)

ESRI's MyWorldGIS v4 for Home

WorldMapper Global Demographic GIS


GPS Visualizer

Holt, Reinhart, & Winston World Atlas

Earth Mp3's


"Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" by Jerry Lee Lewis

"I Feel the earth Move Under My Feet" by Caorl King


"Volcano - Duck & Cover", South Park

"Volcano", Jimmy Buffet

"Volcano", by The Presidents of the United States of America

"Great Balls of Fire", by Jerry Lee Lewis



Scale Model Earth Assignment Page



Tectonics Map Test Assignment Page


Ms. McGraw's ESS URLs & Glencoe Virtual Labs