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Gr8 Earth-Space & Physical Science Home Learning Resources

Tectonics Map Test Resources - OnLine MakeUp opportunity, for students who did not hand in the last test and labs pack. Email <> with work to be checked. If scanning is not an option, try a SmartPhone to image & send your work, and use a GoogleDoc to type your 15-18 evidences.

(ALL-Past Dues) Check SKYWARD for any earlier missing assignments. Email <> with work to be checked. If scanning is not an option, try a SmartPhone to image & send your work, and use a GoogleDoc to type and send to Mr.J. If lab materials are required, contact Mr.J. <> for alternatives.

Gr8 Earth-Space & Physical Science Home Learning Resources
Supplimental, Non-Graded Enrichments
(Take What You Like, Leave The Rest)

1) Vashon Intertidal Critters
Family Beach Day:>

1) Find a low tide time that fits your schedule: ( ( (
2) Print out Vashon Intertidal Critters, or save as a pdf on your mobile device.
3) Assemble a waterproof beach bag (garbage bag) with:
- a) print out
- b) pencils or waterproof pen
- c) some type of camera (smart phone) or sketching materials
- d) ruler, or similar photo scale

No need for rubber gloves, uness you have a shellfish allergy, or if touching gooey stuff shivers ye timbers;>


2) Kurzgesagt - "In a Nutshell" YouTube Channel (about) - Thanks to Daniel Shannon for this resource:>! Fun, short, "huh's? & wows!", via Philipp Dettmer, 2013 graduate from Munich University of Applied Sciences (Wikipedia). Good family discussion fodder and research seeds.


***NEW:>! (We25Mar)***
3) Smithsonian Museum of Natural History "Science How" - Webcast archives on Earth Science & Paleontology - Thank You Ms. Jaffe:> Select topics from the drop down menu. 30 min. ea., with transcripts & teacher resources.


***NEW:>! (We25Mar)***
4) Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum "STEM in 30" - Webcast archives on AeroSpace STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math). Thank You Ms. Jaffe:> Archives of expert presentation with classroom Q & A recorded earlier.


5) HHMI Earth Viewer - Graphic GeoBio TimeLine (GIS) resource page. The sim can run in a web browser, downloadable application for desktops, iOS, or Android. Be sure to check out the Planning Tools, as well as the <TEACHERS> tab in the bottom menu bar of the application. Connects plate tectonics, mass extinction events, present geography, atmospherics,m across the entire natural history of Earth.


6) HHMI Virus Explorer - Virus comparison version web browser interactive, or using desktop Mac or PC applications. Nice backgrounder, does not include coronavirus.


7) NASA SpacePlace - NASA k12ed rescource central - activities aimed at NASA themed activities, edutainment, all ages. I suggest making paper models (2) of spacecraft for STEM / persistent activity with a displayable product.


***NEW:>! (We25Mar)***
8) NASA @ Home for Families - Projects & Activities

 - NASA STEM @ Home Gr6-8 Student Activities

 - JPL STEM Student Activities


9) Khan Academy - (or . . . I "Kahn-nae" take animoore, capt'n;>) (2). Kids know & are already mostly indifferent at best about this experience, but it's worthy of a reminder as a lesson source sans assessment.


10) Read, Annotate, & Discuss a book:>! Make 30 pages a day your target to reach the "SAT improvement zone". Annotate arguments with authors on sticky notes (if borrowed - if yours, write your thoughts all over it!:>).
Discuss family reads at meals:>


11) Vashon Nature Center - Citizen Scientist & Family Nature Time - via Bianca Perla:>


12) PhET (Physics Education Technology {def})- Founded in 2002 by Nobel Laureate Carl Wieman, out of University of Colorado. OnLine, interactive, student controlled slider variable experiments. Look over "Tips for Using PhET" accessible from the top menu. Start with the HTML-5 lessons, as they run on anything, and make shockwave your backup media - java is increasingly excluded from various platforms. Use this device page to decide which sims will run on your tablet or chromebook. Use this topic browser to select sims by gae, topic, etc.

13) Psci - supplimentary resources - My compendium of free OnLine resources for Psci students who want to go above & beyond. All are welcome:>! Scroll down to the Physics Classroom for PhET-like sims.


***NEW:>! (We25Mar)***
14) Descrete Math + Math is Cool
 - Descrete Math is a computer programming skill involving "unsolvable", or high iteration real worl problems. These resources provide no-tech thought exercises / puzzles / graphic problems. Math is Cool is also problem focused, no-tech, and come with answer keys.

- Math is Cool Challenge - Polyominoes:> - Thank you Mr. DerrerFirst of an approximately weekly offering for Math is Cool teams, but open to all interested. A solutions link will be provided here next week. RSVP your comments / reviews to <>


15) Cloud in a Bottle Demo - Students demo & explain to their families - it's a great feeling to command weather in a bottle;> (APOD) (Fog Types). I already have the student CERs, but if anyone is missing this & wants to make it up, a family demo would be a fun inclusion.


16) Annenberg / Harvard / Smithsonian Astrophysics'
"A Private Universe" OnLine Video (seasons + moon phases)

The astounding persistence of preconcieved misconceptions, and how to treat them;>
Old study, but incredibly topical in current politics. I especially enjoy the idea of asking Harvard graduates on Commencement Day these "simple"   science questions supposedly well understood by everybody. Try answering the questions put forth before the reveal, and discuss:>

After viewing, try out these moon phase resources outdoors as a family under clear skies:>

APOD - rotating Moon? - LRO familiar Moon? - phases - Farmer's Almanac - kidvid - WkSht - phase diagram MoonPhase (1) (2) (HandOut)
(Earth rotation "into the east" = same direction as moon orbital motion)


17) Annenberg / Harvard / Smithsonian Astrophysics'
"Minds of Our Own"   OnLine Video - (wood & light & flash light
Same folks who brought us the above research, with new topics, and the same approaches. Again, try answering the questions put forth before the reveal, and discuss:>


18) Virtual Field Experiences in Geology (DO NOT use GoogleEarth file links)
In depth CERs going beyond the course in Geology.


19) "Gorillas & the Missed" UIUC VisCog perception exercises, also @ VisCog Lab Videos Page (2) (3) (4)
Why scientists rely on multiple experimental observations & independent verification
. . Students might remember these from the start of the year - try them out as a family:>


20) JPL / Dr. Tyler Nordgren's Retro Space Travel Bureau / National Parks, "UN Planetary Parks" (second site), 21Aug2017 Great American Eclipse (2012 eclipse) Posters, &
(ExoPlanet Travel Posters) (JPL Travel Posters)

Dr. Nordgren should have been a mycologist - he seems to be a real fun guy (fungi);> These are nice art deco style posters of exoplanets and related space topics. They are free to download, and if you have access to a color printer, good wall coverings. Find one / several that appeal to you, and look up the topic. Explain to any captive audience with the poster as an introduction:>


21) PBS digital airway broadcast / webcast of home edutainment - World Channel Home Learning






































source docs for home learning supplimental activities - editing in process converting from classroom assignments - "under construction" - will be converted and cleared as we go . . .









NPR - How to Turn Your Home Into a School Without Losing Your Sanity

Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal YouTube Message on Home Education Continuation

GoNoodle - students can also log in to their CLEVER account through VISD to access the application icon.


McMurray Mindfulness URLs

GoNoodle Categories

Next-Thought Meditation

Mindfulness Youth Voices

Mindfulness for Kids


1) "Everchanging Earth" - Gr8sci-ESS

Geologic & Cosmic Scales TimeLines
(Plate Tectonics URLs)

(VISD-PNWSN-Seismometer) (OII-LiveHD -14min@1,4,7,10 am/pm) (USGS RealTime EQ Apps) (Virtual Field Experiences)

(LandUse GIS = Global Forest Watch)
(UW SeaGrant Sea Level Rise through 2150)(VBP)

2) "Planetary Forecaster" - Gr8sci-ESS (sequence & assignment details)

(VISD Weather)(VIFR Weather) What is fog? (NOAA) LAB (WxBug)
(Solar Action Alliance) (EnergySage) (Dow Powerhouse) (Tesla SolarCity) (VISD Solar)(2) (Keppler)
(Mars INSIGHT Weather) (4th National Climate Assessment & RSCS)

3) "Astronomy" - Gr8sci-ESS (sequence & assignment details)
(Eyes On The Universe) (Eyes on the Solar System) (WorldWide Telescope [html5]) (AstroPhotography)(MeteorShowerGuide)
(music) (Interactive Periodic Table) (Poetic Table) (
Geologic & Cosmic Scales TimeLines) (STEM rscs.)(Periodic Table HR Origins)


ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment (archives)(project)
(28Jun2017 Draft Climate Science Special Report)
(Climate Resources)
(NASA-PDCO Planetary Defense)
(Planet Explorer - Recent Sat. Comparisons)
(GoogleMaps StreetView of ISS)

(Winds of Earth)
(APOD ref.)(
Wx GIS:>
(source) (for twits;>)









ALL CoVis OnLine Labs (weather)

NASA Precipation Education?

cK12 Middle School Earth Science FlexBooks

cK12 Middle School Physical Science FlexBooks
CK-12 Flexbooks 2.0?  They are an online platform that has text, videos, games, simulations & study guides all in one place.  Students that don't like to read can watch videos containing the same information.  You can have them do the simulations or PLIX (Play, Learn, Interact, eXplore) activities to learn the information, support the knowledge they are getting from the videos etc.  There live and recorded webinars as well as teacher groups in the cafe to help you learn how to use the platform.  I accidentally found this in August and started using it with my freshman course because they didn't have a digital text and WOW it is a great resource.  There is adaptive practice so when a student is missing the same type of questions repeatedly the platform will stop them and give a suggestion of a video to watch, a simulation, game, or paragraph to read to go back over the concept prior to moving forward in the practice problems.


AstroCosmo & XC Projects




SDSS - Sloan Digital Sky Survey OnLine Labs (space)

(Look here if you finish early - )



(Science-Technology-Engineering-Math (STEM Resources)




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At this time CES students do not have email.


PC only:

Chandra X-Ray Space Telescope Black Hole Astronomy
Rutgers ds9 x-ray data visualization
Several activities using SAOimage ds9)(FAQs) Download the application at home, or work off the PC laptop in the lab. Hand in TITLED activity description & answer all questions throughout each investigation.)




AMLE Home Rscs