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(UW) (REVEL)(FlowMow 2k Cruise) (LogBook) (Gumby Drill) on the (RV Tommy Thompson)

 Curriculum Vitae

Seattle School District Physical Science Wiki Pilot Team Training 2014-15

McMurray Middle School Science Department Grades 6 - 9 VISD Next Generation Science Standards & Common Core State Standards for Reading & Writing in Technical Subjects & Math SKYWARD Standards Based GradeBook Matrix Assembly Working Group Lead   (Su2014-15)

PSESD - UW "How Do I Learn"
Webinar Professional Learning Community

PSESD MakerSpace Training & Sp2015

PSESD WA ESL Standards & Methods Training Sp2015

UW CS4HS 2013 (Computer Science for High School)

Larry Huggins Professional Learning Communities Teacher Leaders & VISD Administration & Board Member Training = Communication & Decision Making that Builds Trust, & Generating an Organizational Structure that Supports Thriving (Oct2012)

VISD Vashon Institute Professional Learning Communities 6-12 Science Team (Mo27Aug12) (Tu28Aug12) & McMurray Staff Retreat (We29Aug12)

Challenger Center for Space Science Education
Turner N. Wiley 2012 Teacher of the Year Award
Apollo 8 Aluminum Lunar Orbit Material Medal
(farthest crewed distance from Earth)

Differentiated Instruction / Disaggregated Standards Based Formative & Summative Assessment Methods (Rick Wormeli - pdf)

It's About Time Project Based Inquiry Science (PBIS) Methods Training (Su09-Sp10)

Reading WorkShop Model Training (09 - ongoing)
(Comprehension Tool Kit - Stephanie Harvey) (ACTIVE - Barry Hoonan)

PSESD CASL / PLC (Collaborative Assessment of Student Learning / Professional Learning Communities) Teacher Leader Training (Fa08 - ongoing)

Washington Aerospace Scholars Program Teacher (Western Aerospace Scholars) (WAS09FLIKr) (Wk2White09) (Boeing Museum of Flight / NASA / UW) (BMoF-Ed) (Su07-09)

NASA AMES QUEST Spaceward Bound Mojave 2007 Mars Analog Station (FLICKr) (1st person blog & pix) (NASA AMES Release) (Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber We28Mar2007 PDF)

Present SpaceWardBound Mojave Resources (2) (3)

JPL Solar System Ambassador 2007-present

UW Project AstroBio (2005 - present)

NASA-NEAT (Network of Educator Astronaut Teachers) (AMES) (2004-present) (~200 / 1,800 applicants (~8k nominations) for 3 Mission Specialist Educator Astronaut slots:>!)

Pearson / (National Evaluation Systems) / Washington Professsional Educator Standards Board (PESB) Washington Educator Skills Test - Endorsement in Earth / Space Sciences (WEST-E) Content Advisory Committee (Nov07)

OSPI-SALT / Riverside Publishing WASL Sci8 Assessment

OSPI / Riverside Publishing (Houghton / Mifflin)Sci8WASL Standards Setting Cmte.Seattle Waterfront Marriot, Su03

8-10 Standards Agreement Cmte. Seattle Waterfront Marriot, Su03

CIPE Seattle NCEE workshops on imageJ image capture & analysis, Su03

Aurora Training, WA SpaceGrant Consortium, Su'03

Metro "Hazards on the HomeFront" HouseHold Hazardous Waste Curriculum @ Cedar River Watershed Education Center & Dam @ North Bend, Su03

UW Science andTechnology Center / NSF Center on Materials and Devices for IT Rsch 6-12Ed OutReach Focus Group, Su'03

VISD CDL Type II Licensee - student trasnport in private & school vehicles Fa03

American Red Cross First Aid & CPR Certification, Fa'03

Project Success Creative Writing Arts Integration Training (VISD), Su02

Salmon in the Classroom (Roselle) / Future Problem Solvers (Person) Shinglemill Creek Coho re-introduction, Fa'01 - continuing

VISM - Visualization in Science and Mathematics - James Madison University VA, National Science Foundation, Environmental Science Research Institute, High Performance Systems Inc., and the Center for Image Processing in Education (University of Arizona - Annenberg/CPB Project), Su'01

INTEL Teach to the Future Master Teacher (LearningSpace) Su'01-'03

UW / NSF REVEL - Research and Education - Volcanoes, Exploration, & Life
- FlowMow2000 Cruise, Su'00

NASA Certified for Extraterrestrial Materials Handling & Educational OutReach, Su'00

SPU Media Literacy / Video Production / Curricular Construction, Sp'98

Princeton University - Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, Su'97

Project GLOBE training & site membership, Su'97

STELLA calculus flow chart modelling training, Su'97

University of Washington, Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction Center for the Improvement of Student Learning, Puget Sound Education Service District, The Center for Image Processing in Education, (University of Arizona - Annenberg/CPB Project), The Pacific Science Center, Seattle Pacific University, City University, - Post-Grad Science & Counseling Methods, Research, Oceanography, GIS, Geophysics, Astronomy, and Web-Based Learning Unit Development, Su'91 - ongoing

OSPI-LINKS - K12-GIS (ESRI) - Instructor / Learning Unit Development (Su'99)

OSPI-UW-WEA-USWest Learning Space '96 Technology Mentor (Su'95-'97)

University of Arizona - Lunar & Planetary Institute - Center for Image Processing in Education Certification(Su'95)

NASA- IITA (Information Infrastructure Technology Applications) - Live from Earth & Mars SciLive Web Learning Unit Development (Su'95-'97)

Boeing Museum of Flight - Challenger Learning Center Space Simulation Training & Learning Unit Implementation & Development (Su'94-ongoing)

Space Explorers Inc. - MoonLink Lunar Prospector & MarsLink Mars Global Surveyor Site Research & Telemetry Analysis Curriculum ('97-ongoing)

PSESD - OSPI - CISL Cross Curricular / Multiage Curricular Integation (Fa'98)

PSESD - OSPI - CISL Six Trait Writing Curriculum and Assessment Methods (Sp'99)

NASA QUEST Web Smart Filter - Live from Mars, Live from Jupiter, TOPEX-Posiden (Su'95-'97)

Program / Curricular Poster Presentations at AAAS / NSTA / WSTA Conventions, '97-ongoing

JPL Galileo Ambassador, '96-'97(predecessor of Solar System Ambassadors)

WA Dept. Fish & Wildlife Marine Mammal Scientific Collection Permittee (Su'94 - ongoing)

Eastern Illinois University @ Charleston - MS EdPsy in Counseling & Guidance / Teaching (Sp'90)

University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign - BS Biology w/ Biochemistry / Math concentrations (Su'87)

FloCon Systems, Inc. (Vesuvius) Refractory Steel Teeming Gate Product R & D / Testing / QA ('81-'86)

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers CERL (Construction Engineering Research Lab) @ Urbana IL - Toxicology Training & Research - -(NCSA/DARPANET Affliate) Statistical / Systems Analysis / Toxicology (NBC - Deploy / DeCon) / Field EIA / EIS / TOE Development ('79-'81)

Washington & Illinois k-12 Teaching Certification in Earth Science, Space Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, General Science, Physical Science, Math (Remediation- Claculus) & Psychology; Supercategories (global certification - all subjects / levels) in Science & Math

Ronkin College Preparatory Program Counselor / Tutor ('90-'91)

Parkland Community College (Champaign, Illinois)- Isshin-Ryu, CPR, & First Aid Instructor Certification ('82-'85)



AAAS - American Association for the Advancement of Science

NSTA-National Science Teacher's Association / WSTA-Washington Science Teacher's Association

ACS - American Chemical Society

GSA - Geological Society of America

NEA - National Education Association / WEA - Washington Education Association

American Museum of Natural History Association

National Geographic Society

Yellowstone Association

Library of Congress Associate

Boeing Museum of Flight Education Member

Pacific Science Center

Woodland Park Zoo & Seattle Aquarium

Seattle Art Museum

The Nature Conservancy

World Wildlife Fund

Sierra Club


Vashon Maury Land Trust

American Civil Liberties Union

VEA - Vashon Education Association former Co-President, Executive Council Member, Legislative Delegation Representative, District Budget Analysis, WebMaster (;>), & Initiative & Outreach Coordinator

McMurray Site Council Founding Member & currently co-serving 8th grade staff representative

McMurray Budget Committee Founding Member - currently not serving

McMurray Science CASL / PLC Team Leader founding member

McMurray & Vashon Island School District 402 Instructional Services Council (Science, Reading, & Writing Curriculum Research, Piloting, and Implementation), & former District Budget Development Oversight Committee & Technology Committee founding member.

VISD Faculty since 1991 (22 years June 2013)