Standards: (ESSS . . . 200 down to 5 . . . ) (Prezi) (VFEs)

MSDS/SDS DataBase / Search Engines / MetaIndices =
NSTA Safety - - - KHA (left search box)(FREE app) - NIOSH Pocket Guide (2) - NIH WEBWISER - UCD Google - ChemSpider - NIH TOXNET -

- Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) (evidence PDFs)

- NGSS links directly to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) - (Reading & Writing in Technical Subjects & Math)
(NY State Parent Resources)

("Achieve Inc.'s" pass estimates)
(WA High Stakes Testing Requirements)
(Expert Panel Elementary Math Instructional Coach on Opt Out)

- Both NGSS & CCSS share "Claim / Evidence / Reasoning"
((McM-CER)-(NSTA-CER)) modalities & language
(Right Question Institute) (QFT - Question Formulation technique)

- Berkeley - "How Science Works" (2) (Fair Test) (AAAS Project2061)
(National Science Digital Library (NSDL) Standards Web)

- Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) "How Science Works" Interactive & lesson resources

- American Astronomical Society's Mat Bobrowski's Teacher's Guid on the Process of Science (local)

- Columbia Scientific Habits of Mind WebText

- Habits of Mind (HOM) / Growth Mindset
(VISD Board Presentation)(SciAm BackGrounder)

"Teachers may ask that students use the format of the scientific method to write up the results of their investigations (e.g., by reporting their question, background information, hypothesis, study design, data analysis, and conclusion), even though the process that students went through in their investigations may have involved many iterations of questioning, background research, data collection, and data analysis and even though the students' "conclusions" will always be tentative ones."

Classroom Operating Principles /Spotting Good & Bad Science Practices (source)

CASL-TPEP Observations OnLine (Finland Seminar)

WA-Marsano-TPEP (VISD Focused Short Forms)

Earth System Sciences (ESS) Big Ideas:

Claim - Evidence - Reasoning (CER)

Matter & Energy Flow Through Systems

Science & Engineering Protocols & Culture

(NSTA-NGSS-ESS-Summary)(local pdf)
- What are the causes of Earth's surface geology features?
- What are the Earth systems (geo/atmo/hydro/bio-spheres) evolutionary relationships & interactions?
- Energy & resource flow through natural systems.

- Scale, proportion, & modeling.

Reading, Thinking, & Writing in Science (NAS-F 3 Dimensions) (NAS Framework Science Practices)
- Using Scientific Literature and Experimental Data to Formulate and Communicate a Scientifically Informed Opinions.
(McM-CER) (NSTA-CER) - (Berkeley -"How Science Works")(2)(Fair Test)
- (Spotting Good & Bad Science Practices) - (BadScience-PSU) - (ProCon.Org) - (FactCheck.Org) - (Snopes.Com)
- (PewRschCntr-US Political Polarization)(details) - (SciAm-WhyPeopleFlyFromFacts) - (CDC-Vaccine Safety)
- (NewYorker-I Don't Want to be Right) - ("Here be Dragons" movie) - (SciAm Article - Nov2010 - Confirmation Bias)
- (The Oatmeal - Backfire Effect - Amygdular Response to Counter - Inculturation Experiences)
- ("Academically Adrift" Higher Ed?)
- (Journal NATURE: TeenBrain/IQ Flux?)-(full)-(readcube)-(NPR Feature)-(NPR Transcript on Teen IQ Flux)-(Sound File)
- (NPR Transcript on Teen Rebellion Developmental Advantages)
- (Predictive Value of IQ paper)-(SoundFile)

- (Google Scholar) (Google Translate)

- Science's Essential Questions (starting points) for investigations / experiments.
~(What's your question {about the universe}?)
(what? / so what?)
"Thin" questions =
- structure(s)?
- mechanism(s)?

"Thicker" questions =
- cause(s)?
- effect(s)?

"Thickest" questions =
- why?
- meaning?

- Engineering's Essential Applications (starting points) for project development
~ (What's your {technological} problem?) (criteria! / constraint!)
(UW-CS4HS 2013) (CS UnPlugged)(pdf)(docx)
(STEM rscs.)
What are your constraints?
- time?
- materials?
- information?

What are your criteria for success?
- performance?
- cost?
- deadline?

Washington State Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs) 2009-2014 [replaced by NGSS (no assessment information available yet) & CCSS (SMARTER assessment)]
(incorporated in Core Concepts above)

E1=Systems = Input - Output - Boundary - Flow

E2=Inquiry = Question - Investigate

E3=Applications = Science - Tech - Problem Solving

E4=Earth Space Science =
- ES1=Earth In Space = Solar System
- ES2=Earth System Structures & Processes = Earth System Cycles & Epigeneses
- ES3=Earth History = Evidence of Change

WSSI 2018

Mo20Aug2018 - keynote = bordom / engagement

ppt. handout =


= school climate = ppt handout

student behavior disorder managment / /

critical compnents checklist for classroom with student with a behavior disorder =

avoidance / attention / power / revenge / sensory meltdown (autism) = Jim Gilmore

NASA models = Hello, colleagues!
I have uploaded the files we used today.  Please let me know if I can be of additional support, and check for upcoming classes!
Kim Weaver
STEM Coordinator, OESD

"Ride the _____ Cycle"


Larry Davis - SEL - /

Concordia Trauma Informed Instruction


forms loves sheets =


VISD-SI-TLF = grade leveled reading free ofr teachers - $$ for class assignment subscription = SpEd accomidations and disabilities primer = student enrichment summer & school year programs

Other Supporting Resources . . .

NPR - impact of punative high stakes testing philosophy

Diane Ravitch - former Bush administration assistant secretary of education (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)

Linda Darling-Hammond - former Obama administration education advisor (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)

Seattle Times Su02Sep12 "Back to School Lessons - for Parents" - nice concise concrete helpful ideas:>

Noncognitive Habits of Success (character)

NPR's This American Life #471 - Back to School - poverty stressors and treatments for noncognitive habits of Success
(pdf) (mp3)

Princeton & Columbia Universities: Fragile Families & Child Wellbeing Study
Nature Magazine - Childhood Stressors (allostatic load) impact on Teleomere Length & Neurocognitive Function

Economist James Heckman (Wiki) (Heckman Equation) (Children of the Code) @ University of Chicago
Paul Tough (Wiki)- How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character

(Grit Score / KIPP Character Report Card =Angela Duckworth - Positive Psychology Center Univ.Penn.)
(Duckworth + Pete Carroll - Seahawks - Seattle U Sp2016 Town Hall - Grit)(sound file)(Duckworth TED)

Carol Dweck Growth Midset (Graphic) (Research & Concepts Summary PDF) (SciAm) (SciAm2) (science) (popular press) (videos) (intro materials) (Wiki) (Mindset Book Home) (Amazon) (also - NBC Education Nation "Is 'Accountability' Undermining American Education?" (pdf) Growth Mindset - Carol Dweck Revisits - EducationWeek.pdf  **  Growth Mindset Gaining Traction As School Improvement Strategy - Education Week.pdf

NPR-ED - How To Raise Brilliant Children According To Science - The Key To Raising A Happy Child  - What's Going On In Your Child's Brain When You Read Them A StoryWhy Children Aren't Behaving And What To Do About It

Malcom Gladwell "Outliers" (Amazon) (Wikipedia) (~10,000hrs.= "ready to achieve")

Scientific American: Power of Expectations (local pdf

West Sound Summer Institute Jul2017 = Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) & Trauma Informed Schools (TI)

Socail Emotional Learning = - SEL Field Guide + Durlak MetaStudy PDF

Scientific American Mind January/February 2016: Transgener Teens / Growth Mindset Teen Resilience / Additcion Behaviors / Concussions / Interrupting Abuse Cycles / Cultivating Creativity

NPR - Teaching Teens Cognitive Empathy / Francis Jensen - Teen Brain Issues & Treatments /

Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (Wikipedia) - CDC - NPR OnLine Test & Explaination - HardCopy Assessment - Vimeo Primer - TED

Intrinsic vs extrinsic reward systems - Daniel Pink - TED (Drive) (Amazon)

Love & Logic Behavior System - PBIS Washington Wiki - Highline WA School District Suspension Elimination Implementation 2016

MindFlex Duel (Amazon)(Cnet)(NeuroSky Sensor)(Wiki) (MindWave)(MW Mobile)

Executive Function
Social Neuroscientist Sarah-Jayne Blakemore: The Mysterious Workings of the Adolescent Brain TEDGlobal 2012

National Geographic "Brain Games" Series Resources

FOCUS (squirrel!) - Executive Function Implications . . .

National Science Teachers Association - Executive Function Article

Allan Jones: A Map of the Brain TED Talk - ((Paul) Allen Institute for Brain Science) (AIBS Brain Atlas Portal)

PBS - Education Level Mitigates TBI

Habits of Mind
Costa/Kallick & Sizer/Meier (local pdf) philosophies on success indicator indices
Costa/Kallick Habits of Mind summary paper
(Habits of Mind single page icon summary descriptions)
Learning & Leading With Habits of Mind PDF
(GogleBooks Habits of Mind Across the Curriculum - McM Fa2012 Book Group)
Ken Quehrn's McM Book Group Notes
Kristin Edlund's Aug.2012 McMurray Presentation Notes
Habits of Mind Posters (2) (3) (4) (5)
Habits of Mind Quotations
Habits of Mind "I Can . . ."
Habits of Mind video rubric
Habits of Mind Experimental Protocol Scaffolding

Cognitive Habits of Success (academic behaviors of successful learners)
Andraes Schleicher - PISA systemic improvement indicators - TED talks

(NY Times-Research Upends Traditional Thinking on Study Habits) (local pdf)

Virginia Stimpson (eMail) (Lenses on Learning) (UW Mathmatics Education Project) High Leverage Practices in Teaching Math

Project Information Literacy (Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet & Society + University of Washington's Information School) Research Report - Learning Curve: How College Graduates Solve Information Problems Once They Join the Workplace (deep reading skill deficits) & Seattle Times opinion article (local pdfs - research paper & opinion article) (NPR Fake News Awareness in the ClassRoom)

Chris Tovani "Do I Really Have to Teach Reading?" (amazon) / Comprehension Toolkit / Units of Study for Teaching Writing

Astronomical Society of the Pacific's Science Fiction Stories with Good Astronomy & Physics (original article)
(Internet Speculative Fiction DataBase) (Free Speculative Fiction OnLine) (Astronomy Education Review -Teaching Astronomy with Science Fiction: A Resource Guide) (html) (local pdf)

Learning Styles Concepts & Evidence
(Gardner interweave debunked)(local pdf)- Journal of Psycochological Science in the Public Interest - Paul Kirschner - 2 -
Phillip Newton

Scientific American - Typed vs HandWritten Notes (local PDF)(Journal of Psychological Science) (Canadian Journal of Learning & Technology) (Washington Univ. St. Louis) (ERIC) (EBSCO) (Science Direct) (Louisville Law Review)

The Center on Education Policy metadata study: Student Motivation: An Overlooked Piece of School Reform, Alexandra Usher and Nancy Kober,May 22, 2012 (press release summary{highlights mine}) (publication summary section{highlights mine})

Institute of Education Sciences report to Congress (FedEd) - Effectiveness of Reading and Mathematics Software Products (computerized instruction lack of impacts, vs variance due to student effort & class size) (local summary pdf) (local full pdf)

The Effects of Interleaved Practice - Applied Cognitive Psychology (local pdf)

Spacing As a Friend of Both Memory and Induction in Young and Older Adults - Psychology & Aging (local pdf)

Test Enhanced Learning - Taking Memory Tests Improves Long Term Learning - Washington Univ. (local pdf)

"How to Use Retrieval Practice to Improve Learning" - Washington Univ. (local PDF)

NPR - Adolescent Brain Research on Decisional Positive Motivators

The Hidden Brain - Subconscious Motivators - Shankar Vadantum

Einstein Papers - Princeton

Differentiated Instruction / Disaggregated Grading
Differentiated Instruction / Disaggregated Standards Based Formative & Summative Assessment Methods (Rick Wormeli - pdf)

TeacherTube - "The Educational Adventures of Brent & Joel" cover of Rick Wormelli's "World's Greatest Teacher" Sound of Music "Do-Ray-Me" narrative using Differentiated Instruction Frame
(above as local files = + RealPlayer.flv)

5E Inquiry Models
Misc.Introductory Resources (by Mr. Justin)

Mr. Cheroke's Summary - best plain English I've seen on the topic:>!

Its About Time Project Based Inquiry Science (Middle School 2010)

PBIS Graphic

5E Cycle Graphic

Brynmawr BioEd Blog (pdf)

NASA Ed Directorate (pdf)

PBS Ed Programming Guidelines - 5E's (pdf)

MSU 5E's (pdf)


Mazur Group Harvard Physics Ed

Art Enrichment / Field Experiences Impacts on Learning

Private vs public school performance tied to student demographics, not schools (local pdf)

Education Week

Education Next

Global Issues Integration Models

Columbia University Earth Institute

UC Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science Global Systems Science


Race - The Power of an Illusion (PBS/itvs/California Newsreel) // PBS resources for R-TPOAI video //  Race - Are We So Different? - American Anthropological Association  //  VISD Equity Resources Aug2018  // 

Advisory Curricula
Olweus Bullying Prevention Resources

Sustained Silent Reading Response

Response to Intervention (RTI~SpEd suppliement)

(OSPI Student Led Conference Resources)
OSPI Student Led Portfolio Conference Video Resources

OSPI Navigation 101 College & Career Readiness Resources

OSPI Navigation 101 Portal

OSPI MS + HS Technical Support

Descrepant Events:

Dr.TikLiem's 2ndEd Descrepant Events-ERIC

Optical Illusion Sites

TED Talks
(Ashanti Onyx;>)
(Scientific Motivation)

(BkMks)(Songs of Science)
(TSN-CogSci)(SfN-BrainFAQs)(Confirmation Bias)(scale of the universe)(local)(BioVisions-HHMI-Harvard)

Curriculum Vitae
Training, research, and professional associations which inform instruction content and methods . . .


Previous Standards Resources page (2014) . . .


in pcss 2015 . . .

Work on @ home . . .

1) Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) (alt. PDFs = by Topic / by DCI [Disciplinary Core Ideas])

2) Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in Science & Technical Subjects

3) Common Core State Standards for Math

4) Costa/Kallick - (Sizer/Meier) - "Habits of Mind" behaviors of accademically successful students.

5) VISD Science 6-8 Essential & Enduring Knowledge (EEK) Targets, Know/Understand/Do (KUD) Targets (detailed below), VISD EdTech Operational Principles, & Gr8 Science Values

6) Other national science education agencies Standards.

7) Disaggregated Standards Based Grading for Differentiated Instruction in Educator / Family / Student Access SKYWARD Secondary Gradebook (Secondary Gradebook Standards Option - Attaching Standards to Assignments).

8) Online Assignment development in Grade 8 Science &Math in Student / Educator Access SKYWARD Secondary Gradebook.

9) UW CS4HS course & content development grades 6-8 (with Roselle & Hatfield).

10) Roselle Citizen Science MacroInvertibtate Cards

11) Open Psychometrics Project - ECR Scale - Relationship Structures -