Staff notes for weather related school closures:

Two basic options: Depending upon weather severity we'll either start school two hours late or be closed for the day.

Two hour late start: Staff report to work at their regular time, safety permitting.
If safety is a concern arrive ASA(safely)P. If you'll be late or absent from work, contact your supervisor.
Your safety should be your priority.

No early release. If it begins snowing during a school day, it is extremely unlikely that we would call for an early release. It puts our students in danger to release them to empty homes. However, in severe weather situations we do allow parents to pick up students prior to regular dismissal. If it is the case that student numbers dwindle due to early pick up by parents, commuting personnel may be released early with supervisor approval.

The decision: I will try to make the decision by 7:00 p.m. for the next morning. Usually I'll start with a 2 hour late start. Then, if conditions worsen, I'll make and communicate a closure decision prior to 6:00 a.m. Staff will be contacted through the phone tree at each decision point. If a 2 hour late start decision stands through the night you will not be contacted again in the morning.

Communicating: You will be contacted through the school phone tree. Information will also be emailed, posted on the website, recorded on the telephone voice mail, posted on, and broadcasted on Voice of Vashon.

Bus Schedules/Route Changes. Communicated as above.

Special thanks to our bus drivers and maintenance/grounds personnel. Give the drivers and maintenance folks a "hey" for what they do. Our drivers do a great job transporting our kids safely. Dave Wilke and his crew start at 5:00 a.m. to be sure our walks and parking lots are safe. Thanks to you all.