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Kirk Robbins =

7:45-10:00 AM (Coffee provided, breakfast on your own)

“Lesson Study” in teams to review and further understand Criteria 2.2 “Organizing students to Practicing and Deepen Knowledge”. PLC leads will be leading this protocol.
Remaining time will be spent focused on further progress toward your team and student growth goals for the year in teams.

(Sci 6 & 8 w/ Karen Fervold re: STEMfest @ 9:30-10:00am
(10:00-10:20am = Larry DuBois' room student meeting)

I. PLC TEAMS 7:45-10:00 AM
Math Team (Kim Davis, Lead) At Math Workshop with Dan Meyer
Humanities Team (Karen Stendahl, Larry Dubois, Leads) Room 152
Science Team (Evan Justin, Lead) Room 104
Tech, Arts (Carrie Power/Ken Quehrn, Lead) Room 151
o Health/ Fitness (Eileen Hoffman, South Hall)
(All Teams-Please share any “artifacts”, SMART Goals, assessments and other documents you may have developed)

(Packet C) =
Use these "Learning Walk" Forms to guide observation & reflection of the videos below:

From Roxanne Lyons, re: instruction video samples for CASL groups to discuss & score together re: TPEP:

Here is a sampling of free instructional video caches. I am sure it is only a small representation of what is available:

My favorite is the star online which we have a free user name and password from the training Greg and I (Roxanne) attended in August: - avoid reform fatigue. You will need to log in:
­ avoid reform fatigue. You will need to log in.
Username: rlyons
Password: JadqQXb%
Password: adastra

inquiry instruction video
(video titles under teacher development)
(contains loads of resources for teachers, including professional development video modules)
(many sites, some for teachers some for strudents) - MST3K:>("Gamera")

(Packet B) =
"Learning Walk" Protocols / Development TimeLine (intended)

(Sheet D) =
PLC / TLT Contract (the long term plan outline)

(Sheet E) =
TPEP Required Team Goal Worksheet - (the long term plan requirement)

(Sheet F) =
Team SMART Goal Template - use for any group goal, but also for TPEP team goal

(Alternate Form)

Handouts Not Posted -

(Packet I) = 6-8 Science 2013-14 Student Performance Team SMART Goals, VISD-TPEP-c3+6

(Packet J) = 6-8 Math 2013-14 Student Performance Team SMART Goals, VISD-TPEP-c3+6

(Packet K) = 6-8 Humanities 2013-14 Student Performance Team SMART Goals, VISD-TPEP-c3+6

(Packet L) = 7-9 2013-14 Prevention / Intervention Student Performance Team SMART Goals, VISD-TPEP-c3+6




other resources . . .

(Sheet E) =

PLC "Big Picture" Graphic

(Packet A) =

M. Soltman - "Enemies of Learning"

M. Soltman - " A Focus on Student Growth"




other "resources" . . .;>

"Cat Herding" (.mov) (.mpeg)

(Packet Ha) =

VISD's LASER assignment logo pun


"Deep Investigation"



"Keep Your Head On Straight"

"So We Don't Do This. . ."

"Or Maybe Even This (creativity maximized, competency minimized) . . ."

"Primum Non Nocere (or at least, keep it light?)"





TPEP Primary Source Docs / FAQs for WA & VISD =

Observation Trial = Greg & Michael - We30Oct2013-p2-Block-EndOfLab-Evan-Gr8Sci


TPEP-VISD-Self Assessment WorkSheet-2013-14


TPEP-WSSDA-Update-Sp2013-"We Can't Fire Our Way To Finland"(pg3)


VISD Marzarno TPEP Learning Map