Gr9Psci "Thors" (4's) - Physics & Earth-Space Science Enrichments

Use these when done with classwork, or work on you own @ home.

Go deeper & broader on your own steam . . . get more practice & tutorials for subjects you want to strengthen your competencies with.

Show your products to Mr.J.  for guidance & validation, & get a boost for 1 term of 1 performance level as described below (keep your work assembled in your journal for me to count up at the end of the term).

Of course, you can still earn 4's within the normal class assessment structure ) given excellent test performance).

AMTA - Physics & Chemistry (modeling curricula via subscription)

AACT Middle School Lessons (Evan_Justin/adastra)

ACS MS Chemistry MultiMedia

AACT Materials / MultiMedia



PhET Chemistry

Today's Science for Tomorrow's Scientists:>


Periodic Table of Comic Books

Concord Consortium OnLine Sims & Lessons

King's Centre (Alberta, CA) for Visualization in Science & Maths

Fowler's (UVa) Quantum Applets

Teachers Paying Teachers

Concord Consortium

Physics Classroom Home Page - covers everything in our course, & more. Offers tutorials, practice problems graded for you as you go (with hints available), OnLine demos & labs.

OnLine Labs - 9 completed to standard & explained = 1 level boost for 1 term
shockwave studios -
multimedia studios -

The Physics Aviary  /  /  The Concord Consortium

Tutorials - for reading ahead, or clearing up stuff as you wish . . . only

AAAS General Relativity Graphic Novel (just for grins, no XC)

Test Prep / Practice Resources - possible credit depending on documentation, explaination, and test performance (if they work / you did them, you will probably ace the tests, and if you bomb the test, you probably clicked through instead of thought it through . . . )

Review Sessions - great for test prep concept review / notes . . .
Physics Help - interactive review - - great for test prep concept review / notes  as well . . .
Minds On Physics - interactive quizzes - great for test prep practice . . .
Calculator Pad - quizzes + auditory explainations - more good review resources, but bring your own earbuds or do at home . . .

ActivePhysics OnLine

(Heckthorn) (PhysL Resources)

PhEt Physics


Gr9Psci ONLY = Earth Science content Psci skipped this year - sumative, group work. Each category below is good for 1 level boost for 1 term.

Scale Model Earth Test

Tectonics Map Test

CoVis OnLine Labs (weather)

SDSS - Sloan Digital Sky Survey OnLine Labs (space)

Chandra X-Ray Space Telescope Black Hole Hunt. (Several activities. Download the application at home, or work off the PC laptop in the lab. Hand in TITLED activity description & answer all questions throughout each investigation.)

NASM NGSS Stars to Elements Units (Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum)

ALL = Independent Student Science Investigations, or Engineering Builds:

STEMfest (no TriFold posters, instead electronic presentations (GoogleDocs). You would also be eligible to present @ our Spring Symposium if you get done in time & are interested . . . this one could be a 2 term 1 level grade boost, if we agree on the work load requirements per person involved . . .

Space Projects

ATMOS Projects