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Supplimentary / UnGraded Resources
for Students & Families

Evan Justin McMurray Middle School (McMurray Swag)(Mustang Spirit Clap) (VHS) (McM Magazine Drive)
(VISD Video Channel)(RipTide)
Vashon Island School District #402 WA District Mission =
"To equip every student to engage, thrive, and contribute in an ever-changing world."
8th Grade Earth-Space Systems & Physical Project Based Inquiry Science
(PBIS - It's About Time) (Development Partners = National Science Foundation - American Geosciences Institute - American Association of Physics Teachers - American Institute of Physics - U.S. Department of Energy En
ergy Efficiency and Renewable Energy)

Daily Activities: (Syllabi & Instructional Materials) (full APOD archive)
(how to print locally in lab 104) (Saturn RingHarp:>) (& make a paper cup;>)(2)
Class of 2022 Transition Resources

Calendar & Bells Source Docs:
2018-19 detailed McMurray Bell Schedules
& (McMurray Block Calendar 2017-18?)
(McMurray Web Calendar)(Ms. Power's McMurray GoogleCalendar)(Mar-Jun2017)
(VISD 2018-19 Calendar PDF) (APOD Calendar 2018)(source)(McM Course Catalog 2018-19)
(VashonTime.com) (Pirate Home Game Live Video) (RipTide Engineer LiveStreams) (VISD tech)
ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment (archives)(project) (OurWorldInData.org) (HumanProgress.org) (28Jun2017 Draft Climate Science Special Report) (Climate Resources)
(NASA-PDCO Planetary Defense) (Planet Explorer - Recent Sat. Comparisons)
(GoogleMaps StreetView of ISS)(Winds of Earth)(APOD ref.)(MeteoEarth.com)(US)(Windy.com)
Wx GIS:>
(source) (for twits;>)

JPL / Dr. Tyler Nordgren's Retro Space Travel Bureau / National Parks, "UN Planetary Parks" (second site), 21Aug2017 Great American Eclipse (2012 eclipse) Posters, &
(ExoPlanet Travel Posters) (JPL Travel Posters)

Classroom Operating Principles / Behaviors of Successful Learners / GoNoodle.com / NoisLi.com / Sarah Powell / Spotting Good & Bad Science Practices (source)(Presterity)

10 years of "No Child Left Behind" for US Students = Lower International PISA Scores in Science, Math, & Reading (?!)

Assessment (Family & Student Access) (New NRDC-WISPC) (New EA+) (Flubaroo?) (TestingTalk.org) (CER) (NSTA-CER) (TPEP-TRI)

Standards (Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) (NSTA Earth-Space Science Summary) (Kirk Robbins BookMark)
NGSS-EEQIP "Educators Evaluating the Quality of Instructional Products" (EQuIP) Rubric via Achieve Corporation (Achive Inc. Sample Performance Tasks & Front Matter Drafts - Nov.2014)

2013 OSPI VISD Report Card (37.3% increase in 4 years since PBIS pilot) (#6/295 rank statewide{top 2%}
(strands)(score distribution)(performance levels)
(WA state)
(2009 OSPI Report Card) (WEA-WA state education statistics) (SeattleTimes.com WA State Higher Ed Paradox) (2012-13 Sci8 Ranking by District)
(2012-13 VISD-AMO)

2015-16 Gr8Sci MSP = 82.7% meeting standard excluding OptOuts (WA = 69.7%) (∂+13%)

(SeattleTimes.Com Education Lab Analysis of WA State Education Spending)

(Science-Technology-Engineering-Math (STEM Resources) (Robotics Lego League)
(McMurray CTE Offerings)
(NASA student resources) (Harvard Youth Astronomy Network)

Kahn Academy
(or . . . I "Kahn-nae" take animoore, capt'n,;>) (MARS-Mathematics Assessment Resource Service)

Devon Atkins 2013 McMurray WorkShops / (local copy) & (Summer 2014) / (local copy)

United Methodist Church, 17928 Vashon Highway SW Secular After School Middle School Program Tuesdays, 3:15-6pm

(College Bound Scholarship) (Seattle Times College Guide) (FedEd College ScoreCard)

Course Outlines = (Yacker-Tracker Db) ({~16PB}Internet vs LoC{~15TB})

1) "Everchanging Earth" - Gr8sci-ESS (sequence & assignment details - from PBIS 2016-17)(CLEVR)

Geologic & Cosmic Scales TimeLines
(Plate Tectonics URLs) (Scale Model Earth Assessment Resources) (COBRA:>!) (Tectonics Map Resources)

(VISD-PNWSN-Seismometer) (OII-LiveHD -14min@1,4,7,10 am/pm) (USGS RealTime EQ Apps) (Virtual Field Experiences)

(LandUse GIS = Global Forest Watch)
(UW SeaGrant Sea Level Rise through 2150)(VBP)

2) "Planetary Forecaster" - Gr8sci-ESS (sequence & assignment details)

(Vashon Intertidal Critters)(VISD Weather)(VIFR Weather) What is fog? (NOAA) LAB (WxBug)
(Solar Action Alliance) (EnergySage) (Dow Powerhouse) (Tesla SolarCity) (VISD Solar)(2) (Keppler)
(Mars INSIGHT Weather) (4th National Climate Assessment & RSCS)

3) "Astronomy" - Gr8sci-ESS (sequence & assignment details)
(Eyes On The Universe) (Eyes on the Solar System) (WorldWide Telescope [html5]) (AstroPhotography)(MeteorShowerGuide)
(music) (Interactive Periodic Table) (Poetic Table) (
Geologic & Cosmic Scales TimeLines) (STEM rscs.)(Periodic Table HR Origins)

Psci Resources

ESS Resources

Based on VHS course content (Swan)+(Kehl), slower pace to mitigate skills & applications to mastery levels, as required by the NGSS & CCSS standards (Physics Classroom)(Heckthorn) (supplimentary resources)
(SUNY OpenTextBooks / OER Services)

Both Earth-Space Systems & Physical Science "clearly exceeds standards" for topic (4/4) opportunity =
STEMfest (student generated individual engineering project, research, or research investigation & presentation)
(student initiative -instructor supported outside of class - not class time supported)

Contacts =

Evan Justin, McMurray Middle School,
9329 SW Cemetery Road, Vashon Island, WA 98070

Vashon Island Schoold District #402 WA

eMail = ejustin@vashonsd.org

vMail = 206-463-8613

Office Hours:
Please have your student make an appointment with me in person, or cc you with an eMail request to me. Although I'm frequently on site exceeding these hours, much of that time would be unavailable for student support, due to scheduled meetings, materials setup, curricular work, etc. . .
before school = ~7am - 8am (except for Wednesday hall duty& or student conferences scheduled by others)
prep period 5 = varies by day, 20min. on PDDs,
after school by appointment - often booked by either standing obligations or meetings called by others

McM Bus Routes 2018-19

student computer loan agreement

McMurray Student / Parent HandBook 2018-19

FedEd-SHS Compendium of School Discipline Laws & Regulations

McMurray Forms & Sports & Technology Contract 2015-16 (Google ClassRoom.1 - 2 - pdf.1 - pdf.2) (Mustang Spirit Clap)

(CPR-FA) (I Love You Guys Standard Response Protocol)

Vashon Social Service Network Links / Teen Crisis HelpLines (Espanol) / Teen HelpLines 2 - English & Espanol / Vashon Teen Council
Youth Suicide Prevention Program / WA State Youth Suicide Prevention Center
VISD Presenter OnLine Behavior Resources - BeHeroes.Net
National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments (FedEd-SHS)(Behavior / Discipline Compilations)

La Cima - Undocumented Scholars Resources / NorthWest Immigrant Rights Project  / K-12 Coalition to Protect Undocumented Students
United We Dream  /   /   /

6crickets - free metasite for summer activities / classes

Emergency Weather Closure (staff notes)(KingCo Road Plowing Map 2013-14) (Emergency Weather Plans) (2)(3)

Ferry Schedules / Cams: Vashon Heights - Telequah - Fauntleroy - Southworth - Pt. Defiance / Tides / (USNO Master Clock)

VISD School Bus Routes / Metro (2)

mcmfacilities@vashonsd.org / vhsfacilities@vashonsd.org / cesfacilities@vashonsd.org / wparidon@vashonsd.org


L&I reporting - BBPs 2018-19

Administrative Classroom Walkthroughs 2018-19

McM Disaster Protocols 2018-19

McM Teacher Schedule

McM Phones

McM Substitute HandBook

VISD Board Meeting Dates

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